project 366

Day 109: Baseball.

I have had many ideas for blog posts over the last few days. Hopefully, I will get around to all of them.

But for now, only one thing matters.

I think you can take a wild guess at what that is.

Beer and junk food were had. Seventh inning stretching was done. Teddy did not race (my favorite thing about these games. WTF, Nats? #letteddywin).

Take me out to the ball game, indeed.


project 366


Re: Day 100 + some number: Singing.

So it turns out that one of my neighbors can totally hear me singing in my apartment. But it’s not while I’m washing dishes.

Rather, it’s when I’m sitting in my bedroom, practicing “Caro mio ben” or “Do not go, my love.”

I was running out the door on Saturdayand ended up in the hallway with my neighbor, Katie. Conversation is as follows.

Katie: Was that you just now, singing?

Me: Oh. Yes. Sorry, I hope I didn’t bother you.

Katie: No, don’t be sorry! I was about to knock on your door and check. It was lovely.

She then asked if I sang for a living, which made me laugh. I have to admit, it was quite a compliment.

project 366

Day 105-ish: Titanic.

Today went like this: yoga, choir, ballroom, Titanic (miniseries, not 3D, but only because I saw 3D on V-Day). I think if more days were like this one, my world would just be better.

On that note, I wanted to write something deep and meaningful about Titanic (the historical event) but really, all you have to know is that I love it. My fascination with it is endless. Crazy to think it’s been 100 years ago today.

But my heart will go on.

project 366

Day 100 + some number: Singing.

Roommate Kaitie told me how she came home one day and heard someone in our building belting an Adele song. It was not good, she said.

I, too, have a tendency to belt songs in my apartment. Sometimes when I am in the shower, but usually when I’m washing dishes.

And since my kitchen sink is right next to the window, it makes me wonder…can our neighbors hear me singing the way Kaitie heard that one girl?

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