“…Bailey traveled on public transit in Detroit, where he had worked at the Detroit Free Press. On board the bus were passengers just staring out the window. The next day, Bailey brought newspapers for them to read, giving one section to one rider and the others to other riders.”

The above anecdote is about Chauncey Bailey, the Oakland Post editor who was murdered last week while walking to work because he was investigating this business’s financial situation.

And I think that it’s something I would like to do someday.

The giving the papers out to people on public transit, I mean.

What better way to open their eyes than to place it directly into their hands? They don’t have to read it – it would just be giving them the option to.

Maybe the key is to remind them that the option is still available, still exists and is waiting for them to come back to it.

Also, had a nice chat with my editor today about journalism, my future in journalism, how to improve my journalistic skills, and all that jazz. It was nice.


Last week.

I am this close to being done. Five days if you include today.

I’m excited to be done. I’m excited for a vacation. I’m excited to wear jeans and flip flops more often again.

I’m also sad because I like the people I’ve met here and I like the experiences I’ve gone through. I like hanging with the other intern and constantly talking to an editor ’cause he sits next to me and making jokes with the other reporters around me. I like having a nice desk and a computer that actually works and doesn’t crash/slow down all the time. I like having my own direct line.

But I suppose this will all come back soon enough. Probably not in this office and not with these people, but this atmosphere.

And until then, I’ll have a very…lively…bunch to keep me entertained (and pissed off, laughing, etc.).

Sidenote: I finally saw Hairspray. It made me happy, I was dancing in my seat. Officially have a celeb crush on the guy that plays Link Larkin. Sad, I know.

Other note: I have no idea what is going to become of this blog when summer is over. I may be switching my blogging over to a different site.


A review.

I just finished reading this novel, “Happiness Sold Separately,” by Lolly Winston.

The character development was impeccable. The author did a wonderful job of painting each character’s flaws, making each of them so realistic that I can see them in my head. Their hopes, their fears, their needs and loves and wants and guilts – right there on the pages to read.

The plot was decent. It flowed, and I guess that’s what matters. The thing is, it doesn’t take you anywhere. It felt like it leaves you exactly where you started.

And what just bugged me – the ending. There didn’t seem to be an ending, except that it was the last page and the story stopped. Like the book could just keep going after that point. There was no conclusion. The strings were still hanging there at the end, because no one bothered to tie them up.

Thinking about it now, that’s exactly how life is. Everything isn’t tied together and fixed in the end, and everyone doesn’t always have their right place, and you don’t really have any conclusion to anything at all, because everything in your life around you can change in a second.

And that fact, even though it annoys me so much because I don’t like it when books do that, is what made it a great book.

I’m probably being contradictory right now. Don’t think I’d be much of a critic if someone ever offered me that job. I should get to bed now, it’s late and I’ve got work in the morning. Five days left.


Winding down.

Today is Aug. 1.

Nine days until I’m done with my first internship.

Nineteen days until I’m no longer in Vegas.

One month until my birthday.

Got to work half an hour ago because I had to take a final exam at UNLV for my political science class. I think I passed.

I feel bad, because I forgot to look for corrections on something I did yesterday, and I didn’t get the chance to call the animal shelter to confirm a photo being taken…

There’s no use crying over spilled milk though. I just have to work extra hard on everything else I do for the next week and a half.

I just can’t believe it’s this close to being over. I’m a little sad, but more relieved than ever. The last break I had besides the weekends was for four days between my last final exam and my first day here. I need some rest.