project 366

Starting up again + February recap.

I fail at blogging daily. Finding something noteworthy to write about every single day is hard. I’d like to blame it on my lack of a functioning laptop, but alas, I have an iPhone and an Android tablet — there’s really no excuse.

So this is me, getting back up on this horse. But first, I’ll recap what I’ve missed in the last 70-ish days in the easiest way possible: old tweets. I may have skipped some days because I found nothing noteworthy or because I didn’t tweet at all (surprisingly, I have been tweeting less as of late).

Jan. 31: Was issued a temporary Congressional press pass for the next 3 days. It uncannily resembles the old intern ID badges.

Feb. 1: Trivia team name: Riding on a Soul Train. Just rocked the cereal round.

Feb. 3: A little boy in a stroller points at me while walking through Upper Senate Park: “That’s Mom, Daddy.” I don’t know how I feel about this.

Feb. 4:  I am never losing my debit card again. Oy.

Feb. 5: “Technology is ruining romance.” — @charitalaw to me as we discuss how we should start writing letters

Feb. 6: “6 weeks in a row at bars – a record long streak!” Thanks, foursquare.

Feb. 7: Buying a shoe rack probably made me happier than it should have.

Feb. 8: Booked every single night next week. I thought not being a features reporter would free up my schedule a bit. Guess I was wrong.

Feb. 9: Tips on how to be a good reporter: Learn your own damn phone number. Oops.

Feb. 10: Today’s slightly drunken discussion: dating Nice Guys with perspective from a self-proclaimed NG.

Feb. 11: Lincolns just rocked Party in the USA.

Feb. 12: Guys, Abe from the Nationals is at Lincoln the Restaurant. ohmygod.

Feb. 13: This is me making an appearance at #smweek.

Feb. 14: Scene: Leaving theater post Titanic: Me: “My heart.” @mweinger: “Will go on?”

Feb. 15: Twisted my ankle while crossing Independence. Ow.

Feb. 17: In which Jessica learns the proper pronunciation of “Chincoteague.”

Feb. 18: Beer club!

Feb. 19: The nerd in me is so happy.

Feb. 21: There is a little boy who has called my cell phone six times in the last 20 minutes, convinced that I am his mother.

Feb. 22: #ONADC. Legistorm.

Feb. 23: Found a baby ground piano in the Interior Department during the break. Would like to see when they use it.

Feb. 25: I should just hang out at Trader Joe’s all day and eat cheese samples.

Feb. 26: Cooking brunch at @charitalaw’s while Michael Buble plays in the background.

Feb. 28: “Like Henery VIII said to his wives, I won’t keep you long.” – Sen. Pat Roberts on the length of his opening statement

Feb. 29: And ran into a bunch of former Ensign staffers. “Hey, you’re from Las Vegas, right?” Yes, yes I am.

Coming up next: March and the beginning of April round up.


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