One of the most popular stories at work* recently has been about gravitational waves. To summarize: More than a billion years ago, there were two stars. The stars orbited each other. Eventually, the stars became black holes, and, as the reporter wrote, their orbits continued until they ended in a “violent merger.”

This resulted in shockwaves that traveled across literally time and space…so much so that those waves only reached Earth last year. The ripple effect was slight but noticeable, shifting the distance between sets of mirrors.

I’m no astronomy buff, and what I wrote is likely an oversimplified version of this phenomenon.

And yet. It all sounds so poetic, doesn’t it? A celestial dance that ends in a collision, that remains unknown for what seems like an eternity until waves of the aftermath wash over humanity for the briefest of moments.

It’s enough to make you sit back and wonder.

And also to make you think of appropriate song lyrics:

You and I are just one second/Spinning by in one split second/You and I have just one second and a million miles to go

*I have a new job, which was the change I alluded to in my last post