project 365

272. To-do.

Finally got to Vegas this morning after spending the night in Phoenix.

It’s the first time I’ve been home this year. Given that 2014 has been a long, long haul, it’s a relief and a comfort to be here.

I started rifling through my nightstand — one I’ve had since I was 8 — when I rediscovered the three pieces of paper that contain the life to-do lists I wrote for myself as a teenager. This happens every time I’m home, because I’ve placed them in a spot where I’m bound to look.

Still, it’s always nice to find them, read them over and see if I’ve managed to accomplish anything on them since I last took a look. Of the more than 120 things listed, I’ve done 42 of them (mind you, they’re generally not terribly exciting things; I’m just very fond of lists).

This time around, I checked off No. 80: Go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Noted some of the ones that might happen while I’m on my road trip in a few weeks. May as well try to get more things done.


project 365

271. Delays.

Currently sitting on my flight to Phoenix after being delayed for more than an hour. Will likely miss connection to Vegas, and since it’s the last flight out, might not be there until sometime tomorrow.

At least I have nowhere in particular to be?

Traveling is fun.

Two other things:

1) Took an architecture boat tour in Chicago, just like that one scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding when Julianne totally misses her opportunity to tell Michael she’s in love with him. The moment just PASSES HER BY.

2) Will have to write something more heartfelt about ONA this year, but I’ll leave that for a more empty day.

project 365

266. Ready.

Leaving town tomorrow. Don’t know exactly when I’ll be back. Trip has morphed into what friend Juana is calling #yuppiequest. I figure as long as I don’t read any Kerouac, I won’t be a total 20-something cliche, right? Right?

As I am reading Outlander, I’ve got a motto for whatever this is:

Je suis prest.

Translation: I am ready.

Here we go.