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277. Wedding.

Late post No. 2:

Went to the wedding of friends Vanna and Jake, which acted as a mini high school and college reunion. Thought I was going to hold it together, but the minute Jake started saying his vows, the tears welled up. Friend Lauren noticed, handed the tissues backward and friend Mark, without even looking to see who needed them, just sent them my way.

It’s weird wrapping my head around Vanna — the girl I passed notes with when I was 14 and sent a million emails to and spent far too many hours on the phone with — being married to Jake — the guy who I met at my 18th birthday party and played cards with while sitting in a completely bare living room and debated the finer points of politics and economics with. But as weird as it is, it’s also right.

Seeing my friends was bittersweet. These moments together don’t happen very often, and I realized that the next time we all might be in one place again is when someone else gets married.

I guess this is what growing up is.


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