Oh, how things change.

I was glancing through a Facebook photo album and looking at my friends’ smiling faces when the thought finally occurred to me – I don’t have a lot in common with these people anymore.

I had this same thought when I saw a few of them three weeks ago while I was in Las Vegas for APME. We went out for ice cream and awkwardly sat around a table, discussing our lives. The one time it grew a bit lively was when we started reminiscing about something.

I do love them. Don’t get me wrong. These people supported me, made me laugh, let me cry on their shoulders. We make efforts to see each other when we’re in the same city.

But we’re growing up.

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Things I learned this week

I meant to blog from Vegas, but I was too busy working during the day and too busy doing other things at night. That, and at night, Internet was not available – I refused to pay $12.99 a day.

So here’s everything summed up in one entry.

— Journalism is not dead (not that I thought that, but it was nice to hear professionals say that).
— Journalists love to drink and schmooze.
— Rob Curley is a genius for a reason – and absolutely funny too.
— Ethics online are much more complicated than you’d think.
— There are people out there who are looking to hire.
— Broadcast kids don’t get enough credit.
— Arguing with the strip club manager won’t do you any good.
— There are boys with manners out there.

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