project 366

Day 100 + some number: Singing.

Roommate Kaitie told me how she came home one day and heard someone in our building belting an Adele song. It was not good, she said.

I, too, have a tendency to belt songs in my apartment. Sometimes when I am in the shower, but usually when I’m washing dishes.

And since my kitchen sink is right next to the window, it makes me wonder…can our neighbors hear me singing the way Kaitie heard that one girl?

Yeah, probably. And it makes me feel a wee bit bad, since I have a tendency to listen to and sing the same song over and over and over again. And much like that girl, sometimes it is Adele. Sometimes it’s Gaga or Whitney. Once, it was a good chunk of Celine power ballads. And today, it was “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” (Have you seen the way they kiss in the movies? Isn’t it delectable?)

But it’s just what I do. It is a part of my routine. It makes a mundane chore that much better.

So maybe I can’t judge that girl who is singing off key rather loudly. Maybe she’s also just washing some dishes.

P.S. I will eventually figure out what day of the 366 we’re at…


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