More writing.

I’m really bad about updating this blog. I was better at blogging last summer.

Young Chautauquans depict Civil War
Groundwork propels concrete canoe team to victory in engineering contest
Story time and crafts focus on princesses
Event designed to bring people together
Nevada expects biggest cicada infestation since 2002
City serves up volleyball fun
‘Green’ awareness fest enjoys 2nd year


The writing.

I haven’t been very good about this, but here’s what I’ve written so far that I haven’t linked to yet:
School offers new house for sale
American Indians meet in Sparks, talk national issues
Doctor finds alternative ways to heal
From officer in the Marines to teaching at Sage Ridge
The Rock Church to expand kids’ educational programs
Ferraro stresses education at event
Kids explore science, creativity at summer Camp Invention
State officials call graduation rate study inaccurate
Principal wants Gomes to be up to par with new schools in area



So everyone’s heard the news by now – political journalism great Tim Russert died last week, and our field and “Meet The Press” will never be the same again.

I had originally planned on blogging about that, but something much more near to my heart has happened since then.

My grandma Ester died yesterday. She was 73 and had been battling cancer since March. The doctors caught it late, so it was already spreading by the time they’d found it.

I can’t lie – her life is a mystery to me. Everything is in bits and pieces.

But this is what I do know.

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Three assignments.

And yet, I still don’t have anything to do at the moment.

Sometimes, I wonder what is too much to ask for. I figure I’ll make a list for the two stories I’m working on for the neighborhoods section, and then I’ll call the guy back for the construction brief…and then I’ll ask for more to do.

The people who do the lists for the paper – calendars, etc. – sit right behind me. I remember doing that at my internship last year. I absolutely detested it, because it was like newspaper busy work.

But anything to do would be nice right now, before I start re-planning my life in my head.

I wonder who I should talk to about learning multimedia stuff while I’m here…another thing to add to my to-do list.

On the bright side – I have caught up on reading the paper and a bunch of AP stories on the elections this morning.



I have decided that sitting at my desk, waiting for something to do or someone to call back, is pointless.

Therefore, I am now leaving and am going to go research a story, because sitting at an office waiting for a phone call from a park ranger who doesn’t seem to exist doesn’t get anything done.

That, and I am also bored out of my mind.

So I’m off.


First 1A story.

It’s pretty nifty: “Contest brings unprecedented attention to tribes

Already finished the neighborhoods CP for tomorrow. Am currently on lunch break, wishing I could take a short nap.

List of things to do:
– Keep bugging scholarship office, since they don’t seem to understand that my “scholarship” is actually my wages for the summer, and I need them. To eat. And to buy furniture. And to pay rent.
– Grocery/necessity shopping.
– Keep looking for furniture.
– See how much wireless routers are.
– Call Charter to set up Internet at the house.
– Take out all the trash at home, since it seems I have a big trash can outside after all.
– Figure out why I have three cats living in my backyard.

Alrighty. Back to work…