project 365

212. Recess.

Today, I wrote a poem about what’s happening in Congress.

‘Twas the night before recess and all through the House,
The members were itching to finally get out.
But alas, Speaker Boehner said no one could go
Back to their districts without one final vote.
They had left the border crisis right to the end
And it was a problem they needed to mend.
So back into conference, the GOP went
Leaving the rest of us to wonder what that meant.
For earlier that day, there arose such a clatter
That leadership decided not to take up the matter.
But into a meeting, they were in a flash

And there they decided that no one could dash.
Staffers and journos felt so very low
For too many lawmakers said that they would vote no.
Over in the Senate, it did appear
That the August break was drawing near.

More verses may be on the way.

I’m also watching C-SPAN right now. Yes, really.

project 365

209. #hpmarathon.

It all started in college.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was set to premiere, and I was going to do it up right, dammit. This was, after all, the first time that I’d be seeing any of the movies from the franchise in the company of friends and not my younger brother. There would be a group of us. We would go at midnight. We would have costumes. It would be glorious.

But first, I was going to have to watch all the other movies beforehand.

Friend/then-roommate Amy and I hosted a week of watching the previous five films at our house. We didn’t think of it as a marathon exactly, though I did tweet about the venture.

With that, a tradition was born.

For the two Deathly Hallow movies, I did the same thing; I’d attempt to watch all of the other movies before going to see the latest release in the theaters. It didn’t quite work out (I think I ended up watching HBP after seeing DH part 1), but I remained committed.

Then 2012 happened, and I found myself sad at the prospect of not being able to marathon HP movies before any sort of release. My childhood had ended the previous year, with me bawling my eyes out in a theater sometime way past midnight and then having to get my sluggish self to work the next morning.

But maybe it didn’t have to be over. Maybe I could rewatch all the movies and tweet my heart out anyway.

I decided to try to center the event around Harry’s birthday, July 31. I watched all of the movies from start to finish over the course of several days, livetweeted every single one and probably lost many followers in the process.

Last year, I did it again. And this year, I’ve marched onward. Tonight marked the 2014 viewing of HBP. If I watch the next two movies as planned over the next couple days, I’ll actually finish on Neville Longbottom’s birthday, which is very acceptable to me (because Neville = BAMF).

And while I’m sure the tweets annoy the hell out of some people, I know others seem to be entertained:

I picked up the first Harry Potter book when I was 11 years old, the same age Harry was in Sorcerer’s Stone. And if #hpmarathon is a way for me to relive part of my childhood once a year, then you can bet I’m not stopping anytime soon.

project 365

208. Pirates.

Had book club today, but alas, did not finish the book — Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown — before we actually started. Probably would have finished had I not baked a pie for said club. However, it was agreed upon that in the spirit of the book, the pie was much more important.

While I’ve heard several spoilers about how the second half of the book goes, I still can’t wait to finish reading it (indeed, will likely go upstairs and read it before bed right after I post this). Pirates! Food! The open sea! Who can ask for more?

project 365

207. Battleship.

A few months ago, friend Will came up with the idea of combining the board game Battleship with beer. Basically, if you get a hit, you have to drink a shot of beer. He also added a new rule: if you hit a mine, you actually had to take a shot of liquor of the other team’s choice.

Pure brilliance, obviously. Will had it set up at his spring party, but alas, no one ever got around to playing it that night.

That changed today, when he hosted this month’s beer club. Friend Sara and I took on Team Jason to play the inaugural game, and we won! Admittedly, our victory may have been due to some questionable record keeping, but we’ll take it.

project 365

206. WNBA.

Went to my first WNBA game with friends Mackenzie and Emily tonight. I’m not a big basketball fan, but it was a lot of fun. Got into the game (Washington Mystics vs. Tulsa Shock), enjoyed watching some kids play on the court, laughed at the promotional games the played. All in all, it was a good time, and as we’ve decided that we need to go to more of these games, I look forward to the next one.