Thoughts about my future in the journalism industry.

I like to think that I have a chance in this business. I like to think that when I graduate, someone will look at me and think, “Hey, that kid has potential. She’s worth taking a risk on.”
I read about layoffs at several news organizations. I read things like angryjournalist.com with posts from people who are disenchanted with this business. Just yesterday, I received a letter in my RGJ e-mail about how Gannett is laying off 10 percent of its newsroom staffs.
Despite all those things, I still keep trucking on.
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It’s funny how…

The phrase “it’s funny how” is nothing more than ironic.

I was going to originally say, “It’s funny how friendships that once meant everything to you can fall apart, how people can disappoint you to no ends.”

And then I realized something.

It isn’t funny.

It just hurts.

It’s time to get busy and bury myself in my work for a while, because then maybe I can forget that growing up and growing apart sucks.

At times like these, a girl could use a dog.


Writing IX.

It’s been a while.

Changes planned for Pyramid/McCarran

McQueen readies for Rose Bowl as bands march in area competition

1000 come out for firefighters’ pancake breakfast
For the Love of Jazz marks 34th year

‘Charity alliance’ gives Washoe ARC a new look

$16 mil still needs to go
Palin speaks about experience, issues in Carson
Enrollment rises, standards increase
Career center axed
UNR cuts academic centers
Rogers opts out of NSHE
Group rallies, protests during Obama speech
Reilly discusses cuts at town hall
Senate approve Stiteler as Flipside director
Buckley asks for input
Sen. Obama’s visit affects university activity
Greek office cut


Corny love songs.

Becky and I tend to get into serious conversations about the most pointless and random things.

This includes everything from Anderson Cooper’s sexual preference (gay or straight?) to which boy band defined our generation (Backstreet Boys vs. N ‘Sync). We’ll talk about anything and everything for a good two hours before we decide that it’s probably time to talk about something else.

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