It’s been a long while. But my life is about to change, so may as well make note.

It all feels so small…

I’m moving all of less than five blocks away.

My new place looks like a smaller version of this place.

I get to keep my landlord and, thus, my repairman.

It all feels so big…

It’s the first time I’ve ever lived by myself.

My roommate that I’ve lived with for six years left on Friday for a new city.

This apartment has been my home for four years. The only place I’ve lived in longer is the house I grew up in.


I’ve been watching season/series finales to gear up for this.

And, as always, Leslie Knope said it best.

Yes. I’m ready.



It’s officially not Thanksgiving anymore, and I’m exhausted after a day of baking pies and driving around the DMV and working.

But even then, I still want to pause and remember that, even when I’m annoyed and tired at the end of the day, there’s still a lot to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for friends to share meals and drinks and laughs and tears and Snapchats and gchats and texts and phone calls and life with, no matter how long it’s been since I saw them last.

I’m grateful for a loving and supporting family that I’m so close to, even when I’m thousands of miles away. I’m almost always thousands of miles away.

I’m grateful for a job that I enjoy, one that challenges me and teaches me things and makes me think about the world beyond my small bubble.

I’m grateful that I have food to eat and things to drink and clothes to wear and books to read and music to sing along to.

I’m grateful for it all, big and small.

And I’m especially grateful for this bed and freshly laundered sheets.

Good night.



I’ve been marathoning Parks and Rec over the last few weeks (confession: I did not watch it over the last six years. I know. I’m sorry). Finished season 6 tonight, and the parts where Leslie has tried to figure out what the hell she wants to do next with her life rang so true.

I understand that it wasn’t the show’s strongest season, but I felt that, in a way, it was the truest. Who hasn’t watched their dreams shatter or had people they loved move away or faced decisions that turn their entire worlds upside down?

At one point, Leslie talks it out with Ron, and he offers this bit of wisdom:

One day — this year or maybe the next — you’re gonna be somewhere else. So enjoy yourself now.

That was exactly what Leslie — and I — needed. Thanks for the reminder, Ron.



There’s absolutely no way I’ll be able to catch up on the 365 posts for this year, since I basically neglected the entirety of November. I’m not even going to try. There’s always next year.

But I’d still like to post regularly, so here’s this fantastic exchange from Gilmore Girls. I’m on season 6, which is when everything goes terribly downhill (blast you, Nardini characters introduction). Still, this is a highlight:

Lorelai: Oh my god! It started snowing! It started snowing right as I started talking about signs! That, my friend, is a sign.
Luke: That is not a sign. That is weather.
Lorelai: No, this is more than weather. This is fate.


284. Life.

Have a nice life.

Got to see friend Jessica from Reno yesterday, and she and her friend Katie and I were discussing how there are some people you meet and they are great but you know you will probably never see them again and you just want to wish them well. “See you later” isn’t accurate and “Have a good one” doesn’t seem long enough. But the above should work, though you could come off as a snarky asshole.

Ah well.

Other highlights from the day: did a Ride the Duck tour, named Sleepless in Seattle trivia at lightning speed, took the monorail to Seattle Center and wandered around, found a coffee shop that had an espresso White Russian that would have been highly recommended had they had good service, grabbed dinner in Belltown, ended up at a game store on Capitol Hill.

Left Seattle earlier today. It was a great week. Onward to the road trip part of #yuppiequest (and another post about today forthcoming).


283. Something.

I just want to be sure that I see…something.

From Gilmore Girls, which I have gotten friend Adam to marathon with me while I’ve been in town.

Highlights from yesterday: coffee, visiting the bridge troll, lunch at Gas Works Park (site of the 10 Things I Hate About You paintball and across the water from Tom Hanks’ character’s house in Sleepless in Seattle), met up with friend Evonne and got a newsroom tour, went to a Sounders game.


280. Aquarium.

Because old habits die hard, I wandered into the Seattle Aquarium yesterday, fascinated with all of the creatures I was seeing. Got a bunch of story ideas, of course. Should probably start freelancing and putting random knowledge gained at E&E to use.