project 366

March recap.

Via my Twitter feed.

March 1: It’s my half birthday today. Last six months have been pretty good to me. Here’s to the next six.

March 2: I want a liquor cabinet that resembles this bar.

March 3: It’s proving ridiculously difficult to find a long-sleeved, v-neck black shirt or sweater.

March 4: “No iPhone or tablet? I didn’t know people wrote things down anymore.” – Man working at Harris Teeter on my handwritten shopping list.

March 5: Hanging with @eemershon!

March 7: On a sunny, warm day, riding the escalator into the Dupont metro station is like descending into the depths of hell.

March 8: Cider in the park w/ @rachaelmbade.

March 9: HS journ adviser just suggested I hold off on marriage unless guy w/ $1B sweeps me off my feet & helps me start news org. She knows me well.

March 10: Working with boys. They only want to make villains.

March 11: Cosi fan tutte!

March 12: Ugh. #mondaysafterDSTaretheworst

March 13: Getting ready for the first run through with the orchestra.

March 14: So will there be any #occuPi events today? Yes, I went there. Probably still not as good as #occuPie, though.

March 15: Sunset on the mall. Life is good.

March 16: So I know all I do is take pictures of cherry blossoms, but look at how pretty my neighborhood park is!

March 17: It’s showtime.

March 18: My inner Virgo – which is buried very deep down, those who know me well can attest to – is in awe of the Container Store.

March 19: Almost went a whole day without tweeting. Uneventful: work, grocery shopping, cleaning. #thegrownuplife

March 20: First text I read this morning was about an engagement. The second was about running around naked in the rain. The two were not related.

March 21: “Don’t get lost. Don’t fall down.” Obviously, @kaitiekov knows me well.

March 23: Perfection. #obligatorydcweathertweet

March 24: Nerdy Saturday outing with @amylauder (@ President Lincoln’s Cottage)

March 25: #HungerGames = HOLY CRAP. That movie made me laugh, cry, sigh, tense up. Need to see it again.

March 26: #ifeelold #ONADC

March 27:  Got my first book in the mail at this job today: “Overfishing: What Everyone Needs To Know.”

March 28: Circumcision opponents on the west front of the Capitol today. I’m sure the tourists want those signs in the background of their photos.

March 29: Reading out front. (@ DC Public Library)

March 30: #HungerGames was fantastic 2nd time around. Following seems appropriate because of #MegaMillions: And may the odds be ever in your favor.

March 31: Off to my first dance class since I moved to D.C.


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