project 366

Day 107: C-SPAN.

Yesterday’s lack of a post was due to my heartbreak over the Titanic.

But really, how could one not be heartbroken over this?


Moving on.

I spent much of my day in a congressional hearing and was relegated to the back of the room since the press table was full. I ended up sitting next to the C-SPAN camera men.

Now, I was never the biggest fan of C-SPAN before I moved here. I avoided it if I could, because I found much of the subject matter and the music that played during votes rather — dare I say it — boring. (Note: This is coming from the girl who used to sleep during her government class and left early whenever she could to go to the journalism classroom in high school.)

But in my almost two years in D.C., it has become pervasive. I used to have a C-SPAN lunch bag and a reusable bag. I drink out of two C-SPAN mugs. I walk by the C-SPAN office every day, which is handily next to a fantastic taqueria. One of the only channels I get in my apartment is C-SPAN (the others are Telemundo and ESPN News). The C-SPAN account follows me on Twitter. And according to this map, I live in People Who Watch C-SPAN, south of Tattoos, Jorts and Piercings.

But my breaking point came today, at that hearing. By hour three, many of the people who had crowded in at the beginning had dispersed, and I remained in my chair. Yes, because I had to for work, but also for another reason: I was genuinely interested in what was happening.

Looks like I’m living in the right part of the stereotype map.


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