DC, moving

The beginning: a recap.

When my feet hurt like hell, it usually means it was a good day.

– Ballroom dance practice
– Graduation day (my beautiful shoes just weren’t broken in enough)
– Wandering around and whining in New York because I had blisters from wandering around DC the night before

So why do my feet hurt like hell today?

Because today was the first day of the rest of my life.

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moving, Reno

The end of an era.

Originally written on Sunday (thus explaining the intro), but I didn’t have the house photo, so it got posted late!

Generally speaking, Sunday mornings have been good to me these last couple of years. I’d wander out of my bedroom, brew a pot of coffee, drag my laptop out onto the kitchen table and contemplate breakfast. Then Amy would wander out of her bedroom, talk about eggs/toast/cereal, and take a seat next to me. By this time, my laptop would be open, and I would start reading random news items aloud. I leaned toward the more absurd (once, a bunch of pirates attacked a Finnish ship that flew under a Maltese flag in Swedish waters). Every once in a while, the random person sleeping in our living room would join us at the kitchen table.

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social networking

I’m not deleting my Facebook, but…

After reading this, this and this about Facebook privacy issues, I thought about deleting my account. The conclusion I came to is that I simply can’t, for the same reason that I kept my MySpace for three years longer than I wanted to — I want to use Facebook to keep in touch with people, especially since I’m graduating and moving.

I’m under no delusions that Facebook is actually private anymore. It may have been once upon a time when it first started, but things have changed drastically since then. I know everything I post will just make it out into the Facebook-sphere and the Web anyway.

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7 days until graduation.

11 days until I move out of my house in Reno and head to Vegas.

17 days until I fly across the country to DC.

I still have so much to finish, but once it’s done, it’s done. I have to start packing this weekend. It hasn’t quite hit me yet.

P.S. I received the top new media/online student award from the j-school. It’s nice to know they think I have a future 🙂