Writing VII and the internship paper.

Reno wild horse expo comes as mustangs threatened
Reno officials christen fire truck
Big Carson freeway bridge on schedule
New citizens vote with help from state group
Therapy program pairs horses, children
Magazine puts local girl in spotlight
Hot cars share stage with hot dogs
Stars and stripes adorns shining 1957 Chevrolet
Washoe primary turnout could be lowest in decades

If I include today, 10 days left. Time just seems to have flown on by this summer.

Last week, I had to turn in a paper to the j-school on “what I learned during my summer internship.” I took it in a very literal sense. And here it is for your reading enjoyment.

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100 reasons why I love being a journalist (idea stolen from Clay)

It’s a slow-ish day for me. I did my assignment for the morning. I’ve prepared for my assignment tomorrow. I’m still thinking of a couple of enterprise pieces I can work on before this comes to an end (14 work days left). And someone called for me, but didn’t leave a message.

So, in honor of this field, and also to help my brain get going on the internship paper that’s due Friday, here’s why I do what I do (in the context of what has happened this summer).

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