It’s funny how…

The phrase “it’s funny how” is nothing more than ironic.

I was going to originally say, “It’s funny how friendships that once meant everything to you can fall apart, how people can disappoint you to no ends.”

And then I realized something.

It isn’t funny.

It just hurts.

It’s time to get busy and bury myself in my work for a while, because then maybe I can forget that growing up and growing apart sucks.

At times like these, a girl could use a dog.


Oh, how things change.

I was glancing through a Facebook photo album and looking at my friends’ smiling faces when the thought finally occurred to me – I don’t have a lot in common with these people anymore.

I had this same thought when I saw a few of them three weeks ago while I was in Las Vegas for APME. We went out for ice cream and awkwardly sat around a table, discussing our lives. The one time it grew a bit lively was when we started reminiscing about something.

I do love them. Don’t get me wrong. These people supported me, made me laugh, let me cry on their shoulders. We make efforts to see each other when we’re in the same city.

But we’re growing up.

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