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Winter and Spring.

We’ve reached that time of year again, when winter and spring battle it out and all you want to do is wear dresses without tights and trade the boots in for sandals.

Or maybe that’s just me.

I think of Winter and Spring like this.

Winter is like that ex that you just can’t get rid of. You were excited at first that he was around. I mean, hello, new outfits that include cute hats and scarves and coats.

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Yesterday morning, I woke up and felt a chill in the air. It was a jacket kind of day. While on my way to the metro, I decided it was also a pumpkin spice latte day. It wasn’t until I was looking at a publishing schedule at work that I realized it was already¬†(finally? thankfully?) October. And while fall officially started on Sept. 22, for me personally, it started now.

Happy fall, y’all.

Isn't Reno pretty in the fall? I sadly have no pretty fall pics of DC yet.