One of those days.

Robin: Have you ever had one of those days where nothing at all that monumental happens but by the end of it you have no idea who you are anymore or what the hell you’re doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days?

Ted: Uh, about once a week.

HIMYM made me so mad with its finale, and yet this rewatch is speaking to my 20-something soul.



It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it? It’s hard for all of us…Life doesn’t care about justice. The world kicks your ass sometimes. But you work through it. You ask for help. You try again. And sometimes, you have to fight back. Sometimes, you have to fight your way in.

From the penultimate episode of the first season of “The Royals.”



But eventually, I admitted to myself that I didn’t really want the White House beat. I wanted to write about people.

In the middle of reading The Real Thing: Lessons on Love and Life from a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook (which is fantastic and I highly recommend). The above sentiment pretty much nails everything that’s been on my mind for months.

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“yesterday, when my phone died at the baseball game, I realized I couldn’t tweet or take pictures or share my experience with the rest of the world.
all I could do was experience.
and let me tell you, it was glorious.
well. in a cold, damp kind of way.”

— Me in a gchat conversation with Mike

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Chuck Klosterman is always right.

“One of the inherent problems with feature writing is that the slant for most stories is decided long before the journalist goes anywhere or talks to anyone. This is nobody’s fault; it’s just how things work. In order to get a story assigned, either the editor or the writer has to create a reason for why said story needs to be written. As a result, the proposed thesis of an article often becomes its ultimate conclusion. And this is (usually) a bad idea, since these presuppositions are (usually) totally wrong.”

— From “Chuck Klosterman IV”