I could type some long thoughtful things about what this year meant. But there isn’t really a ton of time, as I’m supposed to be heading out the door for festivities shortly. Keeping it short, keeping it sweet.

What did I learn this year? That you’ll never know if you don’t ask. That you owe it to yourself to stick up for yourself. That you should go with your gut. That texting is a convenient but horrible form of communication. That friends are important. That promises are, too. That I should read more. That being witty is hard. That family is everything. That despite everything, I’m pretty lucky.

Happy New Year, friends.


Three years.

Exactly three years ago today, I recalled where I was at various points in my life in three year intervals because I saw a How I Met Your Mother episode.

So here’s what I figure: why not continue this tradition every three years?

What I wrote in 2012: I’m an adult (more or less). At least, I’m not in school. I haven’t had a vacation since Christmas, but I’m planning trips home for my brother’s high school graduation and Conrad’s wedding. I’m working as a reporter in D.C., covering a topic that I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about six months ago. I quit my first job out of college. I’m living in the kind of apartment that 20-somethings live in: comfortable and a little shady. I have no idea where my life is going, but I’m OK with that.

2015: I’m supposedly an adult. I just got back to work after taking a week off for the following: Easter, Opening Day, the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the Society of News Design Workshop (it’s the first bit of time I’ve taken off since the first week of December). My next planned trip is at the end of September, which is so many months away. I’ve been at my current job for about six months (left the job I started in 2012 last September), and I’m learning a lot. I own a car now so I can drive from D.C. to said job in Virginia. I’m doing some freelance work. I live in an awesome apartment that has a sitcom-esque layout. I have absolutely no idea where my life is going. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I really want a dog.



Blogging every day is a bitch. But blogging every week can’t be nearly as hard, right? So that’s one — I’d like to keep up the writing and post at least once a week to this space.

Resolution two: Keep up with the #365infocus photo challenge. Here’s what I figure: I never go anywhere without my phone. I am essentially tethered to the device (that is a problem that we can discuss at another time). That also means I can easily snap a photo once a day and post it on Instagram and remember to hashtag it appropriately.

Resolution three: Read at least 35 books this year.

Resolution four: Take advantage of the weird night schedule. Go to midday yoga classes and afternoon movie screenings and get lunch with friends in random parts of the city and drive to fun places.

Resolution five: Don’t write everything you want to do in 2015 here, but don’t forget about them, either.