The good things that happened this year.

2016 has been a long year, and I for one will be glad when it’s over.

But after watching all the snapchats/videos I saved on my phone, I realized that for all the bad, there was a lot of good, too.

  • Seeing old friends again
  • Watching the haka at the New Zealand embassy
  • Hosting my annual Easter brunch
  • The best coworkers at USAT
  • New job at Nat Geo
  • Trip to Ohio for a bridal shower
  • Baseball
  • High school reunion in Vegas
  • Seeing dolphins at the beach in Delaware
  • Rachael and Alex’s wedding
  • JJ’s graduation
  • Dancing in the street when Amy left
  • Karaoke when Emily left
  • Boat day
  • Baltimore day trip that included pinball and fireworks on the bay
  • Hamiltunes
  • Harry Potter-themed birthday party
  • ONA16 in Denver
  • New York trip 1 + Waitress
  • Sagebrush alumni dinner + Reno
  • Bay Area trip + Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • District Karaoke
  • The Cubs winning the World Series
  • New York trip 2 + Dear Evan Hansen
  • Discovering that they do sell choco tacos in D.C.
  • Holiday parties
  • Going home for Christmas

Memories are a wonderful thing, and this doesn’t even cover all of it. Sidenote, I apparently save a lot of things to my phone.


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