Survey says…

Right before I left for college, I had the foresight to delete basically everything I’d put on the Internet as an angsty high schooler. Old email accounts with ridiculous handles and Xanga posts filled with the details of my sophomore year drama are gone. I backed up a lot of those files,  but that computer crashed years ago.

Nearly a decade later (OH GOD HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN), it makes me a little sad to think that all of these writings are now gone.

So, of course, I sought out a blog that I happen to know is still on the Internet, and I discovered one of those surveys I use to fill out all the time. Now seems like as good a time as any to look back on my post-freshman year of college life. Also, I had coffee at 3 a.m. to get me through the rest of my overnight shift, and it’s now biting me in the butt.

Italics = 18-year-old jessica. Regular type = 26-year-old jessica’s commentary.

15 things you really like
15. Newspapers — I love newspapers. Newspapers are a large part of my life. I love making them, I love reading them, I love helping put them together. Love is a strong word. And, as I learned a while ago, the important part of the word “newspaper” is “news,” not “paper.”
14. Music — is a necessity. True. This is why I sing in a choir, this is why I blast the radio when I’m driving, this is why I strain to hear the chords hidden beneath the dialogue in movies and TV shoes.
13. Living in the city — not just any city. For instance, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like Las Vegas and I don’t want to live in LA. But other cities will do. I now appreciate Las Vegas and I still don’t want to live in L.A. Other cities will still do.
12. Sailor Moon — Feel like such a nerd for saying this one, but I’ve been watching all the old episodes on YouTube, and I realized just how much I really loved this show. And why all my romantic expectations are all askew. Heh, I just did this again recently. I apparently do this every couple years.
11. Reno — I have totally fallen in love with that city, and though I’ll only live there for college, it’s a beautiful place to be. Still true.
10. Shopping — I like buying new things. Mostly clothes. And books. I tend to spend most of my paychecks because of this like. Also still true.
9. Friends — I don’t know what I would do without them. Simple as that. And this.
8. Family — Much as they drive me crazy, I love them anyway. I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. And this.
7. Musical theatre — It really is an artform, despite what other people think. And this. Basically, the key tenets of my likes have not changed at all.
6. Singing — If I had any kind of stage presence, I might consider taking my chances in the performing arts. But I don’t, so we don’t have to worry about that. Yeah, this basically nails it.
5. Nice weather — To me, nice weather is 70s. Not the 90s-100s, as I am experiencing at the moment. 90s-100s of dry weather will always beat humidity and whatever the hell is going on outside right now.
4. Harry Potter — I am SOOOO excited for the Harry Potter-ness of this summer. A movie AND the FINAL BOOK. 😀 Please see my annual livetweet of marathoning HP movies 1-8.
3. Journalism — Aside from newspapers, I think journalism in general is truly a noble calling. Yes, a calling, not just a profession. Awww.
2. Good writing — Whether it be books, magazine articles, newspaper stories, lyrics…I love it all. Yes.
1. Ducks — I have an entire collection of ducks, I really do. They’re all in a box in Reno now. 😦 This is probably the one that has changed the most. I still HAVE the ducks. And they are all mostly in boxes, save for a few that are sitting out on bookshelves downstairs and the Shakespeare duck on my nightstand.

14 things you can’t stand/pet peeves
14. Ignorance — Ignorance is not bliss. Especially if a person chooses to be ignorant. Yes.
13. Lying — Fine, everyone lies, but when it’s a huge lie that hurts other people, then I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Yes.
12. When things don’t get done — All it does it make things really crappy later on. So guilty of this and yet, yeah.
11. Lack of air conditioning — Like my bedroom here. Bleh. Definitely a desert child.
10. Middle schoolers — Save me now, please. They all think they’re amazing, and I’m like…have you even hit puberty yet? YES.
9. Emotional games — I’ll never understand why you would want to or could toy with someone’s feelings. Oh god.
8. J-walking — Ugh. One of these days, if I end up dead on the street, it will be because of this. One day, I’m going to accidentally hit a j-walker, and I’ll feel bad,  but probably not too bad.
7. People who force stuff on you — I have many examples, but I won’t share them with you. I have no idea what those examples are anymore, but I’m sure they are good.
6. People who don’t like you for no apparent reason — another, stories that could be shared, but won’t be. Though this, I remember very clearly.
5. Someone being untrusting — Kills a relationship/friendship Yes.
4. Someone being controlling — See above. Yes.
3. Apathetic-ness (don’t know the proper word for it) — I hate it when people don’t care about anything at all. This, 100 percent.
2. Rude comments — I’m not talking about the ones that you make to your friends. I’m talking about the ones that people make about complete strangers. Heh.
1. Assumptions — It makes an ass out of u and me. That is definitely a sentence that came out of my dad’s mouth.

13 memories you’d like to share that make you smile
13. Last deadline night. Toilet papering Annie’s car, water fights, “Mama Jess,” Clint in a recycling bin, hugs, robes, making deadline. Good night. I only remember this because I wrote it here. And it’s beautiful.
12. Walking along the Truckee River by myself all those months ago. Haven’t done it since, and I really can’t wait until I do it again. It did happen at least a few more times!
11. Dancing in the laundry room and trying to learn how to swing dance. Man, I miss spring break.
10. Ending up in Sparks while trying to go to WalMart with Amy. This just blends together with the rest of college.
9. Ice skating in the snow on Robert’s birthday. Meh.
8. Walking around campus for my “last walk,” running into Averill and talking with him, then running into Alex and Bre. I do not remember this at all.
7. Putting the Barbie stuff together for the Sagebrush housing package. I still recall the headline I wrote on the being a good neighbor story: “More than a cup of sugar.” Nailed it.
6. Having joy with Medcalf and Hampton. Yes!
5. Multiple Starbucks runs through the years. I can’t bear to think about how much money I have contributed to the Starbucks world over the years.
4. Riding the elevators up and down at the Hyatt in Atlanta. I actually walked through this same hotel a couple years ago, and it was kind of surreal.
3. Seeing my first Broadway show (The Producers) in New York City. Still true. Still awesome. Need more Broadway.
2. Seeing my first ever byline in the Accolades. And the story was about National Compliment Day. You look awesome, btw.
1. Watching “The Holiday.” I don’t know why this is a top memory, but sure, whatever, good movie.

12 things on your desk
12. Coop the duck. Still haven’t given to Coop the child. Oh well.
11. My cell phone. Probably broke shortly thereafter.
10. Purses. Probably in a box or in my closet now.
9. Diploma. Now sitting on a bookshelf in my parents’ house.
8. Photo of Alex, Mark and Robert in the “girl” shirts we made them wear. Probably thew away.
7. Photo of Amy, Breanna and I at Breanna’s grandma’s house in Carson. Probably in a box.
6. Multiple issues of Cosmo. Hope my parents threw away.
5. Scrapbooking scissors. Sitting on top of drawers in my parents’ house
4. Sharpies. Hopefully thrown away many years ago. Unless they still work, in which case they should be in another box. Am I a hoarder?
3. Pom pom from a USC football game. No idea.
2. Award for news writing in high school. Hanging on a wall in my parents’ house because they found them and put them up.
1. Old computer monitor. No idea. Possibly in my parents’ garage.

11 around your room
11. Suitcases. I guess the best way to do this is to compare to my room now? So yes, I still have these.
10. Journalism books. Those are downstairs.
9. DVD cases. Those are also downstairs.
8. Spiderman. I’m sorry, Spiderman was in my room? Because that was awesome. I have no Spiderman now, human-sized or otherwise.
7. Magic 8 ball. Sitting on my dresser.
6. Flip flops. Sitting in my closet.
5. Dasani water bottle. None.
4. Poster of Orlando Bloom. Sadly none.
3. Fan. Like, a hand fan or an oscillating fan? I have both.
2. Purple robe. Still at parents’ house.
1. Wardrobe. Also still at parents’ house.

10 things you find to be really sexy
10. Compassion. 
9. Shoulders.
8. Pretty eyes.
7. Deep voice.
6. Intelligence.
5. Confidence without the arrogance.
4. The ability to sing well.
3. Witty banter.
2. Great sense of humor.
1. Good kisser.
All of these are still true. Moving on.

9 things that are disgusting/not sexy at all
9. Arrogance.
8. Sharing perverted thoughts that I didn’t want to hear.
7. Thinking you’re God’s gift to mankind.
6. Scratching yourself in public. (You know what I mean)
5. Talking about how sexy someone else is in front of me.
4. Rudeness.
3. Coldheartedness.
2. Controlling-ness.
1. Abusiveness.
Parts of this list are hilarious and parts of it are very serious and I will leave it to you to distinguish between the two.

8 bands/artists you really enjoy
8. Fall Out Boy. They were on a mix CD I made in 2006, and I listened to it the other day, and it was great.
7. Panic! at the Disco. Them too.
6. Carrie Underwood. I downloaded a Carrie Underwood song several months ago because it explained all of my feelings, so I am OK with this choice.
5. Nickelback. You know what? I do still enjoy whatever songs I hear by Nickelback. It doesn’t happen often, but I like them when it does. Hate on, haters.
4. Kelly Clarkson. Still love her. Still will sing along to what I know.
3. Rascal Flatts. I have not actively tried to listen to Rascal Flatts in a while, but the albums I loved then I still enjoy now.
2. Josh Groban. One of the ringtones on my phone is a Josh Groban song. It is for when my mom calls. People look at me like I’m crazy when it goes off.
1. Michael Buble. I just haven’t met you yet.

7 things that made you laugh today-
7. Old Sailor Moon episodes. Now I want to watch Sailor Moon.
6. Babies at the mall. And maybe go to the mall.
5. JJ’s friends. And call my brother.
4. My mom looking at me funny for wanting to buy shoes. And my mom.
3. My brother. See above.
2. Mike’s blog. I should chat with Mike later today.
1. Looking at the photos from last night. No idea. But I’m sure it was good. And probably related to friends Courtland and Gianna.

6 things you want to do in life
6. Fall in love, get married and have kids. To me, that’s one, because each one leads to the next, so it’s one big collective in my head. Yes.
5. Travel abroad. I haven’t been out of this country yet, but I will be soon enough. What is your definition of “soon enough,” kid? Working on it.
4. Make a difference. Self-explanatory. See, this is hard to know. But yes.
3. Write a book. Yes.
2. Audition for a musical. No, but I’ll do it to say I did it.
1. Buy my own apartment in a big city. Ahahahahaha. Dare to dream.

5 things you will never do in life
5. Get divorced (I hope). While obviously I would want to avoid this, it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, depending on the situation.
4. Move back in permanently with my parents. Congratulations, this hasn’t happened yet.
3. Marry for money. If, however, I was madly in love with him…
2. Plagiarize. Obviously.
1. Teach math. Haha. Never.

4 people who called your cell phone last
Does this include missed calls? Then…
4. Mom. Yes, my mother actually is the last person who called me.
3. JJ. My brother is below the Chinese food place, so I’ll count that.
2. Dad. And my dad is above the Chinese food place, so that does count.
1. Kristi. I have not talked to Kristi on the phone for years, but we were going back on forth on Facebook last week, and that’s actually pretty good!

3 things you did today
3. Buy Mom’s birthday present. Good.
2. Search for a nice pair of black shoes (didn’t happen). The neverending story.
1. Miss a certain someone. I have an inkling about who this was about, and no.

2 favorite animals
2. Ducks. Are ducks really my favorite animal, over every other animal out there? I have no idea. Being hyper aware of animals because I covered endangered species doesn’t help.
1. Dogs. YES. One day, I will own a dog, dammit.

1 crush
1. I’m not putting down his name. Still.
And because it was the Internet, so that’s OK, 18-year-old me! (And the person you are referring to is not a good person, so it’s really OK.)


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