project 365

277. Wedding.

Late post No. 2:

Went to the wedding of friends Vanna and Jake, which acted as a mini high school and college reunion. Thought I was going to hold it together, but the minute Jake started saying his vows, the tears welled up. Friend Lauren noticed, handed the tissues backward and friend Mark, without even looking to see who needed them, just sent them my way.

It’s weird wrapping my head around Vanna — the girl I passed notes with when I was 14 and sent a million emails to and spent far too many hours on the phone with — being married to Jake — the guy who I met at my 18th birthday party and played cards with while sitting in a completely bare living room and debated the finer points of politics and economics with. But as weird as it is, it’s also right.

Seeing my friends was bittersweet. These moments together don’t happen very often, and I realized that the next time we all might be in one place again is when someone else gets married.

I guess this is what growing up is.

project 365

276. Home.

Ahhhhhhhh I’m so behind on posts.

For Friday: was Dad’s birthday. Had lunch with friends Courtland and Gianna. Spent some time with my family and their friends. Picked Lauder up from the airport.

Even though it doesn’t happen very often, still felt like home.

project 365

275. LVA.

I usually try to swing by my high school when I’m home, but I’m not sure I’m going to get the chance to this trip.

Still got a little taste of it when I met up with friend Katie for karaoke (after a lovely dinner with friends Rachel and Justin). She and I sang a couple duets, which resulted in the karaoke host asking if we went to LVA (since we obviously have the loveliest voices). It’s been eight years since I graduated, but I’ll still proudly tell people that’s where I went (and I do).

project 365

274. Old friends.

Spent the afternoon¬†catching up with friends Vanna and Nicole, both of whom I’ve known for the past 12 and 11 years, respectively.

With Vanna, it was the chance to catch up in the days before her wedding, which I’ll be attending on Saturday. I last saw her when she stopped by D.C. prior to moving to South Korea for a year. We rode the High Roller and sat around drinking coffee on a part of the Strip that neither of had seen before.

With Nicole, it was more of a life review while we ate ramen, as I haven’t seen her in five years. Our lives have changed drastically since then, and we’ve probably matured a ton since the days when we would chatter over the phone about trig homework and boys and the newspaper. But the dynamic between us has remained the same.

There’ll be more encounters like this over the next few weeks. It’s only the beginning.

And on that note, I’ve actually booked my rental car and my return ticket back to D.C. See, I *am* going back.

project 365

273. Grandpa.

Fell asleep before I did yesterday’s post. Boo.

It was my grandpa’s 83rd birthday, so my parents and I went to my grandparents’ house for dinner. Apparently, they did not remember I was supposed to be in town this week, which made my¬†appearance a pleasant surprise.

There was food and lounging and piano playing and only a few questions about why I’m here and when am I going to move back West. I can’t say this enough — I love being home.

And happy birthday, Grandpa!

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