project 365

285. Road.

I’m going to attempt to get back on the posting bandwagon by getting something done about yesterday this morning and actually writing something up tonight.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the road trip chapter of #yuppiequest. I bid farewell to friend Adam and picked up my rental car at the airport, where the man working at the desk asked me how often I did this kind of thing by myself and didn’t I want to watch the Seahawks game before I left (answers: almost never and not in the least).

I then hit the road, and it was a nice and easy drive southward to Oregon. First stop was at the magical land known as Powell’s. Then met up with friend Marin, who I stayed with for the evening, and went to Rogue for beer and food.

Stops for the night after Portland are as follows: Eugene, Trinidad, Westport, Bay Area (staying in Berkeley with friend Suzanne, but will likely venture around), Grover Beach, L.A. (more venturing) and San Diego. Will check out many other things along the way.

Because I grew up in the ’90s, this is the first song that pops into my head when it comes to road trips:


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