284. Life.

Have a nice life.

Got to see friend Jessica from Reno yesterday, and she and her friend Katie and I were discussing how there are some people you meet and they are great but you know you will probably never see them again and you just want to wish them well. “See you later” isn’t accurate and “Have a good one” doesn’t seem long enough. But the above should work, though you could come off as a snarky asshole.

Ah well.

Other highlights from the day: did a Ride the Duck tour, named Sleepless in Seattle trivia at lightning speed, took the monorail to Seattle Center and wandered around, found a coffee shop that had an espresso White Russian that would have been highly recommended had they had good service, grabbed dinner in Belltown, ended up at a game store on Capitol Hill.

Left Seattle earlier today. It was a great week. Onward to the road trip part of #yuppiequest (and another post about today forthcoming).


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