project 365

274. Old friends.

Spent the afternoon catching up with friends Vanna and Nicole, both of whom I’ve known for the past 12 and 11 years, respectively.

With Vanna, it was the chance to catch up in the days before her wedding, which I’ll be attending on Saturday. I last saw her when she stopped by D.C. prior to moving to South Korea for a year. We rode the High Roller and sat around drinking coffee on a part of the Strip that neither of had seen before.

With Nicole, it was more of a life review while we ate ramen, as I haven’t seen her in five years. Our lives have changed drastically since then, and we’ve probably matured a ton since the days when we would chatter over the phone about trig homework and boys and the newspaper. But the dynamic between us has remained the same.

There’ll be more encounters like this over the next few weeks. It’s only the beginning.

And on that note, I’ve actually booked my rental car and my return ticket back to D.C. See, I *am* going back.


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