project 365

252. Win.

Finally saw the Nationals win tonight — 6-4 against the Braves. Had they lost, I probably would have avoided any postseason games they might be in.

But now, if that is what October brings, I’ll be ready…though I have started to contemplate the dilemma of a potential Nats vs. Dodgers series. I suppose I’ll worry about that if it happens.

For now, I’ll just think of tonight. Went with friends Mackenzie and Juana. Sat in what was basically the Jayson Werth fanboy/girl section. May have participated in a little heckling. Enjoyed a hot dog, pretzel and beer. And weather-wise, it was a beautiful night for some baseball.

Can’t think of a thing that would have made it a better end to my Nats experience this year.


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