248. Losses.

So, the Nats may be at the top of the National League right now, but I have yet to see them win a game this year. I realized this tonight, after I watched them give up run after run to the Phillies.

A recap:
— home opener against the Braves. Loss.
— night game against the Angels, during which I got a foul ball. Loss.
— day game against the Padres. Loss.
— night against the Dodgers. They WON, but I was actually rooting for the Dodgers and there was a major rain delay, so I had already gone home long before the game ended.
— night game against the Mets (gnome night — I apparently went on a Nats baseball hiatus in June and July). Loss.
— tonight.

I’m going to one last Nats game before the end of the regular season, so crossing my fingers that it’s a win (and that they’ll stop playing Friends in Low Places during the 7th inning stretch).

And for the record, the home team won the two games I watched outside of D.C. (Oakland and Baltimore).


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