project 365

242. Willy.

From the moment my story on captive marine mammals published a little more than a month ago, roommate Kaitie and I have been on a bit of a Free Willy train, mostly in the form of her playing Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There over and over and over again.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that when I discovered a Free Willy marathon on Encore today, we both enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to relive part of our ’90s childhood. After catching the end of Free Willy 1, the entirety of FW2 and parts of FW3, I now have the following questions:

1) So, what are the repurcussions of setting an orca free? Is Willy considered a stolen object? Is anyone at the marina going to sue Glenn for taking out the gate with his truck?

2) Do Annie and Glenn ever adopt Jesse, or does he just continue to be their foster kid?

3) I may have missed it because I wasn’t paying much attention, but does little brother Elvis completely disappear? At least Annie and Glenn are mentioned. This kid is Jesse’s brother and a plot driver of FW2, you guys.

4) Whatever became of Jesse and Nadine’s bonding-over-whales romance? I gots to knrow!

5) OK. So you don’t want the orcas to be sent to the rehabilitation center because they will subsequently be sold to aquariums and whatnot for show. Fine. But you’ve also just sent them back into an environment where there is an oil spill that one of the animals nearly died from earlier in this movie. Really? How does this work?


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