project 365

230. Musubi.

It has been ages since I’ve gone on a proper trip to the grocery store, so that left me with limited options for dinner tonight. The winning contender: spam musubi, a Hawaiian treat that I grew to appreciate when friend Melody made it for me while she was visiting a couple years ago and then became reacquainted with during last year’s trip to Oahu.

I made a makeshift musubi mold out of a Spam can (which I do not recommend; it’s amazing I didn’t slice any part of me open). The rice wasn’t quite the right texture, the shape wasn’t quite right, but the end result was still tasty.

Friend Meg from choir has perfected her own — during our last concert, she brought me one as a pre-performance snack — so I’ll have to ask her for tips when rehearsals start up again in a couple weeks. She probably has a proper mold.


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