project 365

229. Teddy.

I love me some Theodore Roosevelt. Maybe it’s because of his love for nature. Maybe it’s because of his crazy love life. Or maybe it’s because his Nationals mascot iteration didn’t win a game for years.

Regardless, my friends and I have long discussed doing a Teddy celebration (akin to Lincoln Night), but it never came to fruition.

Until today.

It’s mostly thanks to Restaurant Week. Teddy and the Bully Bar, a 26th-president-themed restaurant, was taking part, so I figured, why not finally do what we’ve always said we were going to do — spend part of the day hiking around Roosevelt Island and then eating all of the food at Teddy?

photo 3

Who wouldn’t want to visit this guy?

Friends Mackenzie and Amy joined me for the jaunt to Roosevelt Island, which is a short walk from the Rosslyn metro and right across the Francis Scott Key bridge from Georgetown. Despite a potential threat of rain, it was actually not a bad day to be out (though I really shouldn’t have worn pants).


Walking around the island.

Walking around the island.

After visiting the statue, we walked along the paths, which of course meant we needed to heed Teddy’s advice by carrying big sticks (though, as Mackenzie pointed out, we do not speak softly, so.)

My stick was taller than me!

My stick was taller than me!

We then crossed the bridge and caught the Circulator to head to the restaurant, where friends Kaitie, Juana and Emily met up with us for a delicous, delicious four-course meal (of which I surprisingly took no photos) and some pisco punch.

Here’s to the inaugural Teddy Day and hopefully many more to come.


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