project 365

223. One Direction.

After work today, friends Mackenzie, Sarah, Amy and I gathered in Yards Park to drink a couple bottles of wine on this overcast and slightly rainy day. While this ordinarily would have been enough for a fine evening, there was a twist: we were only doing it because Yards Park is next to Nationals Park, and Nationals Park was where One Direction was performing for thousands upon thousands of screaming fans (mostly teenage girls, but I’m sure there’s some variety in there).

From under the bridge in the park, where we were sitting because it kept us mostly dry from the rain, we could hear the roars of the crowds and strains of music by the opening band. But it wasn’t until we walked to the central gate entrance that we could hear the main attraction itself. Here, we stood swaying in the rain, humming along to songs that we kind of knew. Sarah and Amy eventually left, and Mackenzie and I continued to stand there until we heard our favorite songs back to back (Happily for Mack, Little Things for me). I may have yelped aloud when I realized that my fave was playing.

As my 15-year-old cousin so helpfully once pointed out, I am older than every single member of this band. But am I proud of how I spent my Monday evening? Absolutely.


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