project 365

222. Mature.

I’m not mature enough for this!

— Elizabeth James (as played by Natasha Richardson) in the Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap. To me, this perfectly sums up my reaction to adulthood. While watching the movie with friend Amy, I decided that this character could be one of my several fictional spirit animals. I’d like to say it’s because of her fabulous career and home, but I think it’s more so the way she reacts to the various situations thrown at her (like above).

The movie has held up well over the last 16 years. I found myself swooning over Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid), shuddering that the evil Meredith Blake is supposed to be 26 years old (the age I’m about to be in a matter of weeks) and deciding that Martin is easily the best character in the entire film. And even though LiLo has since gone downhill, her childhood self is as fresh faced and charming as ever.



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