project 365

215. 20s.

I’ve spent much of the last 24 hours reading “Friends Like Us” by Lauren Fox. The entire thing seems like an ode to being in one’s 20s (or, at least, that particular subset of the 20-somethings that I fall into). There is talk of getting furniture from both IKEA and the curb, that moment when you see someone for the first time (whether that’s literally or figuratively) and wonder if this is when everything changes, the inevitable drifting apart of friendships, the realization that for all your parents may or may not have done for you, they are people, too.

And then there was this quote, which I read just a couple minutes ago:

She’s teetering dangerously close to the edge, to that elusive but irreversible moment when a person tips from full-of-promise to never-quite-lived-up-to-her-potential. But who am I to talk?

I’ll probably finish it before I go to bed. It’s a good, light read before so start the slog that is The Goldfinch <– thanks, book club.


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