project 365

212. Recess.

Today, I wrote a poem about what’s happening in Congress.

‘Twas the night before recess and all through the House,
The members were itching to finally get out.
But alas, Speaker Boehner said no one could go
Back to their districts without one final vote.
They had left the border crisis right to the end
And it was a problem they needed to mend.
So back into conference, the GOP went
Leaving the rest of us to wonder what that meant.
For earlier that day, there arose such a clatter
That leadership decided not to take up the matter.
But into a meeting, they were in a flash

And there they decided that no one could dash.
Staffers and journos felt so very low
For too many lawmakers said that they would vote no.
Over in the Senate, it did appear
That the August break was drawing near.

More verses may be on the way.

I’m also watching C-SPAN right now. Yes, really.


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