project 365

188. Stories.

I’m pulling together a short presentation for a panel I’m sitting on this week, and for inspiration, I pulled a couple of my old journalism textbooks off the bookshelf. That led to me rediscovering one of my favorite quotes from Tim Harrower about this profession that I’ve dedicated my life to:

Now, I’m a realist. I don’t want to fool you into thinking journalism is glamorous. I don’t want to dupe dreamy eyed idealists into believing your deathless prose can slay society’s dragons.

Very few news stories will ever change the world.

Still, sometimes a single story — a single sentence — can have an effect you never imagined. Put the right facts in the right order and you can make someone laugh. Cry. Reconsider. Understand.

That’s how you make a difference in this crazy world: one reader at a time.


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