project 365

168. Leo.

A childhood dream* came true today: I was in the same room as Leonardo DiCaprio.

He was not doting on me, nor did we even meet. It happend because of the oceans conference I was attending for work at the State Department; he was there to speak about the importance of ocean conservation and to announce his own foundation’s pledge to help such efforts.

Still, as he spoke, I felt like our eyes met, mostly because I was in his direct line of vision and was probably illuminated because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the brightness on my laptop screen down.

Be still, my beating heart.

*This is apparently the year that these dreams come true in some fashion. Earlier this year, a member of ‘N Sync waved at me (I was mortified and thrilled at the same time). And I also wanted to be a marine biologist back then (something else Leo and I have in common), so being a journalist who covers those issues kind of helps fulfill that in some manner, right?


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