project 365

160. Shatter.

The Jessica phone curse continues*.

Sad Jessica is sad. And also needs a haircut.

Sad Jessica is sad. And also needs a haircut.

I was a block away from my apartment, trying to tweet about the last choir rehearsal of the season, when the phone slipped out of my hand and landed screenside down on the sidewalk. I drop my phone all the time, but after a decade of breaking cell phones, I’ve developed a sixth sense for when it’s actually going to be broken. I knew before I picked it up that the glass had likely shattered, and I was right.

Luckily, the phone works just fine if you ignore the bits of shards that may end up embedded in your thumb. And much more luckily, I’m a month out before my contract with AT&T is up, and thus, a month out from my biennial phone upgrade.

I called up AT&T customer service (I have never been more glad to still have a West Coast phone number) and was able to inspire enough sympathy/pity to get the upgrade a little early early (played the shattered phone screen card, did not have to play “been a customer for five years” card but had it up my sleeve just in case). New phone — iPhone 5s! Thumbprint recognition, here I come — is on its way.

I wonder if I’ll ever stop breaking my phones on an annual basis, but somehow, I doubt it.

*Since this blog has dutifully noted the sad fates of all of my cell phones, I should say that the last iPhone I blogged about breaking held up until I upgraded it in July 2012 to an iPhone 4. I then had that phone until sometime last year, when I dropped it while walking to work, breaking the LCD screen behind the glass (basically, the phone still worked but the screen was gray). When I brought the phone into the Apple store for a replacement, the guy looked at it and told me he had never seen anyone break a phone in such a manner before, since the glass itself didn’t have a scatch on it. I’m special.


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