project 365

157. Reading.

There’s been some ongoing debate over the last couple days over whether adults should read Young Adult fiction. I’m not really going to delve into it, since these are the same points that seem to be made every time some sort of genre is attacked/revered. As someone who reads a lot of YA fiction, my main thought is I’m happy as long as people are reading, period.

And with that, my summer reading list in more or less the order I intend to read them in:
— Wide Sargasso Sea (currently reading)*
— Looking For Alaska
— A Tale for the Time Being*
— Friends Like Us
— The Light Between Oceans*
— the Bridget Jones/dead Mark Darcy book
— The City of Devi*
— Here’s Looking At You
— The Goldfinch*

This book list is subject to change, of course. And I’m still working my way through The Bully Pulpit.

*For the book clubs I’m in


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