project 365

153. Friendship.

While discussing life with friend Amy 2 tonight, I realized that it’s been nearly two years since we’ve had the chance to do this. The last time we were able to just sit and talk about whatever in person for a long period of time was the week I was in Reno for a wedding (that of friends Amy 3 <there are so many of them> and Mike) in 2012. We briefly got to see each other last year before she departed on her 11-month trip around the world, eating at the diner that is essentially our MacLaren’s.

But here’s the thing about our friendship. It doesn’t matter where we are or where we’ve been or how long we haven’t seen each other for. We will always be us. We can talk about anything and ask the hard questions and laugh about the memories and create new jokes because that is who we are.

Things change all the time. But it’s nice to know that some things, no matter the distance, are constant.


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