project 365

140. Blurb.

Wrote a little blurb for the chorale’s upcoming newsletter, which took all the writing juice out of me for the evening (I’ve come to realize that when you write for a living, writing even the shortest of things on the side is actually a bit of a challenge).

Which mean that you’re going to get the blurb for tonight’s post. And you should come to my concert next week.

What I’ve come to love about the Capitol Hill Chorale is the wide swath of music we cover with our performances. Jazz, requiems and lieder? Check, check and check. Georgian liturgy? Of course.

I wasn’t a part of the Chorale when they tackled the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom four years ago, so rehearsal for this cycle for me was a combination of learning music and trying to make my tongue twist around a language that I’ve never even heard spoken before. It’s a challenge, but you haven’t lived until you’ve learned how to chant in Georgian.
Now,  a little more than a week out from the final concert of the season, the nuances of the piece are coming together to create this beautiful musical experience that you really can’t get elsewhere.

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