project 365

134. Phone.

Started reading The Fault in Our Stars yesterday, and just a few pages in, immediately recognized it’s going to destroy me.

A day later, I’m waiting for this sad but charming little world to start crashing into itself. But until then, the part that I find most endearing are Hazel and Augustus’s phone chats.

To me, nothing exemplifies adolescence more than talking on the phone. Even when I eventually got the luxury of having WIRELESS INTERNET ON THE PC IN MY ROOM WHAT (oh 2005, how long ago you were), which could lead to all night MySpace-ing and AIMing, I still loved spending hours upon hours upon hours talking on the phone with my friends. I singlehandedly was responsible for some very expensive phone bills back in the day when minutes were still a concern.

I wish I’d had phone chats as sweet as Hazel and Augustus’s. In hindsight, all I was ever good at doing was ruining things with boys over the phone in high school.

Example: In 10th grade, a middle school friend tried to set me up with a guy at her school (we ended up at two different magnet schools). He and I ended up talking regularly on the phone before we ever met in person, which would eventually lead to him singing to me at least once (a Three Doors Down song, if you must know).

When we did meet — on a bus after school, of course — I personally felt no spark and wasn’t sure what to do about it, since simply telling him didn’t appear to be an option. More than once, he had mentioned possibly taking me to the junior ROTC military ball, which I believe drove him to eventually ask me what we “were,” since things need labels. And when I cut in that were “just friends,” that was the end of that.

Like I said, nothing like the phone chats in Fault in Our Stars. But given how the book is supposed to leave me as a sobbing mess, perhaps that is for the best.


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