project 365

133. Boxcar.

Went to the Boxcar Tavern for book club today, and it took me a moment to realize that this was the first time I’d actually been inside the restaurant, despite living nearby and going to the place next door on a semi-regular basis. Hell, I covered the local neighborhood meeting at which the owner of the restaurant applied for the liquor license for the establishment.

But there I was, drinking a vodka tonic, discussing And The Mountains Echoed, and it was my first time.

My four-year anniversary in D.C. is coming up this month, and for all that I have done in this city, there is still so much more I haven’t experienced. I suppose it’s better that way; I once read a NPR blog post about the sad realization that you will never read all of the books in the world. If I remember correctly, the point of the essay is that it’s a beautiful realizzation, too — you will never run out of things to do, learn, see.

Here’s how I’m looking at it: that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Yesterday, I had a conversation that made me realize how many other things I have yet to do in the District, like visiting the fish market on the waterfront or simply checking out the places on H Street that I haven’t gone to.

It’s time to experience more Boxcars in my life, especially with summer just around the corner.


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