project 365

117. Jurassic.

I’ll be humming the theme from Jurassic Park for the next few days, thanks to tonight’s viewing of the movie in its most glorious form: 3D IMAX. The Museum of Natural History (not to be confused with the place where I volunteer) played the movie this weekend as a tribute to the closing of the dinosaur hall, which will be under renovation for the next five years.

The only Jurassic Park film I’ve seen in a theater was Jurassic Park III (so unmemorable that I’m actually reading over the plot on Wikipedia right now), so this was quite the experience. Friend Emily remarked on how jumpy and amused I was, but really, what other way is there to enjoy this movie?

To recap the most important parts:

* Shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

* Shorts.

* Lex saving the day…by being a hacker.

*But really, T. Rex saving the day by being a T. Rex.



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