project 365

114. Merchant.

Saw Merchant of Venice at Catholic University tonight. First time I’ve seen the play performed, and I thought they handled the subject matter well (it’s pretty rough material for a comedy, but no one dies, right?). Interestingly, the program notes touched on the anti-Semitism that has been prevalent in the news as of late, saying that the play allowed them to further delve into the issue.

Overall, it was a good production, very traditional in its staging.

Fun fact: my name’s origin is found in this play. Shakespeare supposedly came up with the name “Jessica” for Shylock’s daughter, based on an English version of a Jewish name. Or so I’ve read.

Not that this has anything to do with why it’s my name — it was simply the most popular girl name in 1988 and it started with the letter J — but it’s still entertaining trivia.


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