project 365

111. Foul.

Took friend Hillary to her first MLB game tonight, and I have to say, for first experiences, it was quite the ride. We had my company seats in the Diamond Club, which meant our second straight evening of plentiful drinks and eating  more food than we should. And the weather, sometimes frigid in the first month of the season, was perfectly in the 60s.

But the excitement came during the bottom of the 9th, right after  Nats shortstop Ian Desmond hit a home run off of Angels pitcher Ernesto Frieri. Second baseman Danny Espinosa was up to bat. In the moments before he struck out, he ended up hitting a foul ball, which flew backwards over the netting. I’m guessing it must have arced downward quickly, because the man in front of me tried to make a grab for it. The ball grazed his fingertips and continued to move.

He did enough to stop the momentum, though, because the ball ended up landing in the empty row behind me — the people who had been sitting there left right before the inning started because the Nats were losing 4-1 at that point — and then apparently rolled forward into our row.

Mind you, this all happened in the span of a few seconds, so I was in a bit of a daze as Hillary started shouting, “It’s under your seat!” I stood up, looked down, and there it was. I picked it up and it soon struck me that I was holding a foul ball from a MLB game in my hand. I then started grinning like an idiot.

It did occur to me that maybe I should give the ball to the man who had tried so hard to catch it, but his friend told me otherwise. After the game, the man said he’d tell his future children about this and gave me a high give.

Apparently the chances of catching a foul ball at a MLB game are 1 in 1,000.

Don’t worry, someone has already told Hillary that this isn’t how baseball games normally go.


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