project 365

107. Club.

Today marked my second foray into the world of book clubs. The first was in Reno during college, shortly after I quit the Sagebrush and suddenly had way more time on my hands. And even then, I rarely finished the books, opting more so to participate for the community rather than the actual book discussions.

I’m making more of an effort this second time around with the new neighborhood group. It’s only the second time the group has met, and it seems pretty promising. According to one of the organizers, there was only one person present who had come to both the first and second meetings, and they’re hoping that number will grow as time goes on.

What I particularly enjoyed was the chance to discuss the novel — in this case, Dave Eggers’ The Circle — with people who are coming from different backgrounds and thus have different perspectives. One woman noted that the novel seemed to reach such an extreme point that it was completely unrealistic. Another manĀ agreed with me — that the premise of this private technology company taking over everything was terrifying because he believed we could be on the verge of that. And someone else discussed the views of privacy, a key theme of the book, around the world, which in some ways completely contradicted what we had been saying.

That’s the kind of discussion I didn’t really get in my college book club (not that I don’t love you ladies). We had different opinions on the things we read, of course, but we were also around the same stage in our lives, so our perspectives were less diverse.

I now need to get started on making my third book club venture happen — literary cocktail club, in which we read books and then imbibe themed drinks while discussing said book.


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