project 365

104. Tug.

Reported from the Chesapeake Bay today, which involved riding on a tug boat, hanging out on a barge and standing inside of a crane. Without giving away anything about my story, the highlight of my day was the ride back to the dock on the tug boat. I climbed up to the second level with the operator, and he proceeded to tell me all about the history of the area.

A local man, he told me about how much it had changed over the years, from the houses that had popped up along the water to the former location of a processing plant — used to be one of the biggest in the country, he said. He explained the ebbs and flows of the commercial fishing industry, something he partakes in. He pointed to a nest atop a sign in the water, built recently by a mating osprey pair.

Just a little reminder that everyone has a story to tell.



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