project 365

103. Meta.

Last night’s proclamation of Chromecast success was premature. When I woke up this morning, I tried to show roommate Kaitie the wonders of seeing the computer screen on the TV, but alas, it didn’t work when I tried to hook up not one, not two, but four different devices in succession to it.

After I returned from a delightful brunch and meanderings with friends Tyler, Juana, Emma, Jake and Adam, as well as my first shopping week in probably two weeks, I went back to work on making Chromecast work.

It eventually did — and that led to this photo.

This is a photo of me looking at a photo of me while sitting in the same spot that I was sitting in in the photo because the photos were taken mere minutes apart. It’s all Kaitie’s orchestration. She took the first photo, pulled it up on the TV and then took the second photo. Important note: she was doing her evil laugh/chuckle the entire time.



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