project 365

99. Basin.

Despite having lived here since last July and visiting the city a few times before that, friend Amy never visited the Tidal Basin.

I decided this needed to be fixed, so we ventured to the basin this evening. I had worried that, given the peak bloom predicted for today, we’d have to fight our way through crowds.

But while there were a lot of people, that wasn’t the case. We walked on the path by the water before checking out the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and sitting on the steps. We then continued to mosey along, passing through the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. And all along the way, we saw thousands of blossoms.

It was probably the best visit I’ve had to the basin, to be honest. It was cool enough for a jacket and, since it was right before sunset, everything was touched with the warm light of golden hour.

I’m exhausted, but it was worth it.

Woooo lens flare!

Woooo lens flare!


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